Our Deep Tissue Massage

Touch is the fundamental medium of massage therapy. Body massages usually involve applying touch with some degree or pressure and movements, thus it is a must to use touch with sensitivity in order to determine the optimal amount of pressure to use for our body.
Our Deep Tissue Massage uses deep finger pressure and slow and firm strokes. It uses touch with sensitivity that allows our therapists to receive useful information via hands about the individual’s body such as locating areas of muscle tension, adhesion and other soft tissue problems. And because touch is also a form of communication, sensitive touch can convey a sense of caring to the person receiving the massage, promotes general relaxation, improve circulation and range of motion, ease chronic stress and enhancing the individual’s sense of self and well-being.
Experience a massage therapy that goes beyond relaxation only at Truessence Wellness & Spa!
Contact us at 0738031516 / 0796981301 or visit our spa at PJ Plaza Building, Links Road, Nyali. For online booking, visit http://truessencewellnesspa.com/
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